Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble

Maison Jean Kuntzmann
B.P. 53
38041 Grenoble Cedex 9

IMAG institute

The Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Institute of Grenoble (IMAG) accounts for most of the academic research in these domains in Grenoble. IMAG is a federation of seven laboratories, comprising about 650 people, jointly established in Grenoble by CNRS, INPG and UJF.

These laboratories have a long standing tradition of cooperation with industry and of active participation in European programs. They may be credited with an indisputable ability to apply their results and transfer their know-how from research to industry

The IMAG research units

The 7 laboratories of CNRS, INPG, and UJF :

  • CLIPS : human computer interfaces, electronic publishing, speech, natural language
  • GRAVIR : image processing, computer vision, image synthesis, automatics, robotics
  • LEIBNIZ : discrete mathematics, fundamental computer science, cognitive systems
  • LMC : scientific computation, applied mathematics, parallel architectures and algorithms
  • LSR : operating systems, databases, software engineering, fault tolerant systems
  • TIMC : computer architecture, applied mathematics, application to biology and medicine
  • VERIMAG : critical systems

Top level university training

IMAG university training higher education is given each year to 1500 students by members of IMAG (professors and researchers) in one Engineering School of INPG (ENSIMAG), one University Department of UJF (UFR IMA), and six other joint graduate schools.

IMAG is responsible for five research and doctoral thesis programmes in Computer Science and Communication Systems, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Robotics Image and Vision, Information Systems.These five programmes train 140 first year graduate students each year. Many students then stay in one of IMAG's laboratories to prepare a Ph.D. thesis. These last four years, 220 Ph. D. theses were delivered at IMAG.


The Grenoble environment where large international laboratories need partners in the domain of information technologies, the presence of companies like Thomson and of important users like Schneider Electric, the quality of the research carried out at IMAG, are both the causes and the consequences of the setting up in Grenoble of R&D centers by a number of major worldwide  companies in the field of computing : Bull, Cap Gemini, Hewlett-Packard, Silicomp and more recently, Sun Microsystems and Xerox.

The IMAG institute is also the partner of some important research centers in France such as INRIA, working on common research projects, and also CEA, CNET, INSERM, CEMAGREF... Several start up companies were created, deriving from IMAG labs researches.