Centre Equation
2, avenue de Vignate
38610 Gieres

VERIMAG is a joint laboratory of CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), INPG (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) and UJF (Université Joseph Fourier).

The work undertaken at VERIMAG aims at developing methods and tools for the design of real-time safety critical applications. Emphasis is put on validation methods and tools including verification and automatic test case generation. Most of the effort concerns two application domains which can be characterized by the type of languages used:

VERIMAG plays a significant role in the promotion of formal methods application to critical systems development. It has a wide spectrum of competences in synchronous programming, specification of protocols and distributed systems, techniques for the analysis of timed and hybrid systems, and the development of new verification methods (in particular for infinite state systems).

VERIMAG tries to maintain a balance between fundamental, experimental and applied research, in particular thanks to durable co-operations with industrial partners.The interaction with industrial problems contributes to the research in two main aspects:

VERIMAG coordinates the French national project FORMA and the European Esprit-LTR projects SYRF and VHS. It participates to the Esprit projects VIRES and CRISYS.

Research staff: VERIMAG has 10 professors and lecturers, 7 full time researchers, 14 PhD students and several visiting professors, post-doc and master students.