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Name: Lustre toolset

Main Functionalities

This distribution provides tools dedicated to the synchronous dataflow language Lustre :
compilers, simulators and a verification tool (LESAR).


The main tools in the distribution are:

Related papers

"The synchronous dataflow programming language Lustre"
N. Halbwachs, P. Caspi, P. Raymond, and D. Pilaud
Proceedings of the IEEE, September 1991

" Programming and verifying critical systems by means of the synchronous data-flow programming language Lustre"
C. Ratel, N. Halbwachs, and P. Raymond
ACM-SIGSOFT'91  Conference on Software for Critical Systems, December 1991


The Lustre V4 distribution is submitted to a free Licence. For informations and download:

Contact persons : P. Raymond ( or N. Halbwachs (

Format of the distribution

Binaries and documentation (post-script)

Supported platforms

Sun-Solaris and Intel-Linux platforms.

Input format

Lustre programs

Output format

Ansi-C, ec (Lustre-expanded code), oc (Lustre-Esterel object code)