Lydie du Bousquet


Research Projects / Projets de Recherche

Testing is the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding
failures. My research interests cover several facets of testing:
  • Test data generation
  • Oracle definition
  • Test case evaluation
  • Test cost (design for testability)
Test data generation Tobias and Lutess testing tools

Tobias is a tool for combinatorial testing.
Combinatorial testing performs combinations of selected input parameters values
for given operations and given states. Tobias adapts combinatorial testing
to the generation of sequences of operation calls. This allows
to reach states that do not correspond to a single call
to a constructor. It also allows us to design tests in terms of
behaviours rather than states.
Tobias has been used to test Java and C programs, and Websites.

Lutess is a tool for testing synchronous applications.
It relies on random (statistical) test data generation.

Oracles for Home Services Validation IPotest and Sakura projects

A home network system consists of multiple networked appliances, intended to
provide more convenient and comfortable living for home users. Before being
deployed, one has to guarantee the correctness, the safety and the security of the
system. We study how to validate implementation of one home network system,
thanks to contract technologies (oracle).
Both projects consider the evaluation of combinatorial test data generation.

Test cost (design for testability) SIESTA project

To decrease the cost of testing, one idea is "design for testing" or "design for
testability". It requires to be able to detect low testable parts of a design,
with metrics or other solutions such as anti-patterns.
My research interests focus on the validation of such solutions.

The aim of SIESTA project is to improve the testing process of synchronous software.
We focus on automatic test generation, test evaluation and testability analysis.
One part of this project consists in the evaluation of observability and controllability
metrics defined for synchronous programs.

Old Projects:
  • RNTL POSE Conformance testing of Security policy.
  • RNTL COTE Component testing.
  • AS 161 Testability (Action Spécifique CNRS)